Luuk Hawinkels



After obtaining his Master’s degree in Biopharmaceutical Sciences (2003), Luuk Hawinkels (1980) performed a translational research project at the Gastroenterology department of the LUMC. He focused on the interplay between tumour cells and the tumour stroma, unravelling its role in CRC progression and metastasis. After obtaining his PhD in 2009, he joined the ten Dijke/TGF-β group, to work on the role of the TGF-β (co-)receptors endoglin and ALK1 in tumour angiogenesis.

In 2011 Luuk was awarded the Alpe d’HuZes Bas Mulder Award (personal grant) to explore the role of endoglin in metastasis formation, and started to establish his own independent research line. His early translational research focused on how the endoglin-dependent interaction between cancer- and stroma cells influences metastatic spread of tumours. In January 2015 his group moved to the Gastroenterology department, who have appointed him as assistant professor and a member of the scientific staff in 2016. In January 2018 Luuk was appointed as head of the research laboratory gastroenterology-hepatology.  





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