About the Center for Infectious Diseases

The LUMC Center for Infectious Diseases (CID) develops novel strategies for the prevention and cure of infectious diseases. The research program addresses fundamental and translational aspects of host-pathogen and host-microbe interactions. The research is embedded in three LUMC departments: Medical Microbiology , Infectious Diseases and Parasitology.

Cutting-edge approaches

The patient is central to our activities. The CID develops novel drugs, vaccines and diagnostic tools for the timely detection, accurate diagnosis and optimal prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. Examples of our cutting-edge approaches and research platforms are The Microbiome Analysis Intitiative , The Leiden Controlled Human Infections  Center and The Tuberculosis Research Center . These initiatives are aligned with the LUMC strategy 2018-2023. The CID has special attention for poverty-related and neglected diseases.

Education and Training

The CID is also responsible for training the next generations of infectious disease experts through its contributions to the LUMC Medical and Biomedical study programs, its own Medical Specialist training programs in Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases and other initiatives as seminars and specialized summer schools.