The mission of the LNPT is to coalesce and align academic and patient-oriented research activities in personalised therapeutics. The LNPT will facilitate and support excellent research programmes, from fundamental and conceptual -which lay the foundations of new knowledge- to applied and translational work that delivers social and economic impact. In addition, the LNPT will develop, evaluate and implement treatments based on individual patient differences, to provide better medical care by accelerating the successful delivery of personalised therapeutics to our patients. Moreover, the LNPT will enhance the educational experience of students, academics, clinicians and the public. It will develop an educational program and minors specifically dedicated to personalised therapeutics with the overarching goal to deliver PhDs, medical doctors and pharmacists with a clearly recognizable personalised drug treatment profile.


Key objectives

  • Form a multi-disciplinary network of experts in personalized therapeutics working together to optimize drug treatment to individual patients.
  • Foster interaction between basic and clinical investigators leading to excellent research and education in personalized medicine.
  • Maximize visibility and increase the impact of existing and new personalized drug therapy initiatives in the Netherlands and Europe.
  • Obtain funding for innovative research programmes in personalised therapeutics from (inter)national programs.