Genetically Modified Mouse Technology Platforms

The mission of the LUMC Genetically Modified Mouse Technology Platform, a ‘joint venture’ between the Transgenic Mouse Core facility (TFL) and the department of Human Genetics (HG) is to provide access to transgenic animal technology in an efficient and effective manner. The services include (a) design and construction of transgenes, targeting vectors and CRISPRCas9 (HG); (b) generation of recombinant ES cells by gene targeting (TFL); (c) the generation of transgenic mice by oocyte injection (TFL); (d) the generation of (conditional) KO mice by injection of genetically modified embryonic stem (ES) cells into blastocysts (TFL) and (e) consultation in all phases of transgenic and gene targeting research from experimental design to mouse breeding. 

The TFL offers state-of-the-art technology e.g. BAC transgenics, gene targeting in C57BL/6 ES cells, gene modification by CRISPRCas9. Organizing the biannual workshop of Innovative Mouse Models (IMM) together with colleagues from the NKI in Amsterdam makes a significant contribution to the rapid implementation of the latest technological innovations in the facility.The TFL participates in many research projects within the LUMC. In the last 15 years the TFL has generated 135 genetically modified mouse strains for 40 different researchers from 11 different departments within the LUMC  and in addition for collaborating  research groups from UMCU, AMC, VUMC, UMC Radboud, TNO, Sanquin and RIVM.