Group members


Diewertje Bink (PhD student)

  • CVON-HBC project in collaboration with AMC, working on in vivo models for vascular cognitive impairment

Marjolein Bulk (PhD student (Radiology))

  • EU-Brainpath project, focusing on the imaging of iron accumulation in neurodegenerative disease

Marc Derieppe (Postdoc (Radiology))

  • working on imaging techniques to measure cerebrovascular function

Bauke Kogelman (PhD student (Radiology))

  • working within BioImage-DMD on novel DTI techniques to image neuromuscular degeneration

Leon Munting (PhD student (Radiology))

  • working on imaging of neurovascular dysfunction and therapeutic response in CAA

Tien Nguyen (Postdoc (Radiology))

  • working on the pathophysiology of HCHWA-D

Sanne Scheffer (PhD student (Radiology))

  • CVON-HBC project in collaboration with AMC, studying cognitive decline as a function of peripheral cardiovascular pathology