Education and Study programmes


The education program coordinator for the department is dr. Madeleine J.M. Nivard, Phone 071-5269605, e-mail


The department of Human Genetics participates in the Medicine and Biomedical Sciences curricula. These curricula are composed of courses with a duration of 3 - 8 weeks.  Below is a list of the courses to which our department substantially contributes.


  • From Cell to Molecule (module committee), year 1
  • Mechanisms of Disease 2 (module committee), year 2
  • Several half minors (coordinator/member of module committee), year 3
  • Practical Research Skills, Master

Biomedical Sciences

  • Biomedical Research in Medicine, year 1
  • Medical Genetics (module coordinator), year 1
  • Metabolism 1 and 2, year 1
  • Molecular Biology (module committee), year 1
  • Several half minors (coordinator/member of module committee), year 3
  • Molecular Biology and Oncology (module committee), year 3
  • Radiation Protection (module committee), year 3
  • How to write a research proposal, Master
  • Course on Laboratory Animal Science, Master
  • Several FOS-courses (coordinator/member of module committee), Master
    • Cardiometabolic Disease
    • From Genetic Disease to Functional Genomics
    • Genome (In)Stability, Cancer and Ageing
    • Translational Neurogenetics

Research projects/Internships

For information on various research projects at the department of Human Genetics for students of the university or of the university of applied sciences (Hogeschool), please contact the education program coordinator, dr. Madeleine J.M. Nivard 

Study programmes

The department of Human Genetics has vacancies for research technicians, PhD students and postdocs. For an overview of the vacancies  you are invited to consult the  LUMC vacancy page

Graduate and Postgraduate courses




Basic and Translational OncologyMGC*/Molecular Medicineprof.dr. Peter Devilee
Code and data management with Git MGCdr. Mihai Lefter 
Epigenetic Regulation in Health and Disease MGCprof.dr. Haico van Attikum, dr. Lucia Daxinger 
Genome Maintenance and Cancer MGC dr. Harry Vrieling, dr. Jaap Jansen, dr. Madeleine Nivard 
GitLab MGC dr. Mihai Lefter 
Mutagenesis & Carcinogenesis PET** dr. Harry Vrieling, dr. Jaap Jansen, dr. Madeleine Nivard 
Next Generation Sequence Data AnalysisMGC prof.dr. Johan den Dunnen 
Practical Linux MGC dr. Mihai Lefter 
Protein aggregation disorders: from clinic to therapy MGC dr. Ronald Buijsen, dr. Vered Raz, dr. Willeke van Roon-Mom 
Python programming MGC dr. Mihai Lefter 
Scripting for Life Science Researchers MGC dr. Jeroen Laros, dr. Mihai Lefter 
Share your research with a broad audience MGC dr. Madeleine Nivard 
Single cell analyis MGC dr. Susan Kloet, dr. Ahmed Mafouz 
Technology Facilities: Genomics and transcriptomicsMGC dr. Susan Kloet 
Transgenesis and Gene TargetingMGC dr. Peter Hohenstein, dr. Lucia Daxinger 

Organisation: contact person dr. Madeleine Nivard
Coordinator: member of the program committee on behalf of the Department of Human Genetics
*  MGC: Research school Medical Genetics Centre South-West Netherlands
** PET: Postgraduate Education in Toxicology

In collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences Leiden (Hogeschool Leiden) various postgraduate courses are organised. For course program see  Hogeschool Leiden .