Ko (J)AP Willems van Dijk



  • Genetics and Systems Biology of the Metabolic Syndrome


Ko Willems van Dijk received his PhD in Immunology/Pathology from theUniversity of Washington in Seattle, USA, in 1992. He performed his research at the Virginia Mason Research Center, now named Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason, in Seattle USA, under supervision of dr. Eric Milner. During his PhD research, he studied the chromosomal organization of the human antibody heavy chain variable region (VH) locus and how the chromosomal organization of these VH regions affects the evolution of the antibody repertoire during human development. He moved to the department of Human Genetics in Leiden in 1992 to work with Profs. Rune Frants/Louis Havekes and dr. Marten Hofker on the development of mouse models to study lipoprotein metabolism and atherosclerosis. In 1994 he became a fellow in the molecular cardiology program of the Dutch Heart Foundation on a program to modulate gene expression as therapy for atherosclerosis, exploiting adenovirus mediated gene transfer. In addition to dissecting the role of genes and environment (diet, microbiota) in the development of diet-induced obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis, he has expanded his research towards the genetics of the metabolic syndrome in humans and its associated components and pathology. He is on the executive board of the Netherlands Epidemiology of Obesity (NEO) study. Part of his research is focused on the integration and interpretation of big data sets from various -omics tools (genomics, metabolomics, proteomics), using a mathematical systems biology approach, based on genome scale metabolic models. He has received and receives funding, amongs others, from the Dutch Heart Foundation, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI), European Union (EU-FP7) and Center for Translational and Molecular Medicine (CTMM).


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