Dorien J.M. Peters

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Dorien Peters received her PhD in Cell Biology at Leiden University in 1991. During her PhD research she studied signal transduction and gene expression during development of the  model organism Dictyostelium discoideum (group of Dr. Pauline Schaap and Prof. Theo Konijn). Then she became post-doc at the  Department of Human Genetics at the Leiden University Medical Center, where she became group leader in 1999. Since 2014 she is full professor in Human Genetics.

Her research aims to get insight into the genetic, pathophysiologic and functional mechanisms of inherited or inborn errors of human development and differentiation, most notably Polycystic Kidney Disease.  Her research covers a broad range of topics such as genotype-phenotype studies, modifying genes, studies on expression and functions of the genes/proteins involved, cellular signalling, molecular pathogenesis, in-depth gene expression and bioinformatics, and preclinical testing. The overall aim is to translate the insights gained into the development of new drug targets and the design of new therapeutic approaches. To translate fundamental and preclinical research to the clinic she has organized a number of multidisciplinary research networks to enhance fundamental, pharmacologic and clinical insights into PKD. She receives funding from different agencies, including the Dutch Kidney Foundation, Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research and FP7 (Initial Training Networks (ITN) - Marie Curie Actions).

In 2013 she received the Lillian Jean Kaplan International Prize for Advancement in the Understanding of Polycystic Kidney Disease, at the World Kidney Conference in Hong Kong.


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