Arn M.J.M. van den Maagdenberg

Group leader


  • Functional and molecular neurogenetics of paroxysmal neurological brain disorders


Professor in molecular and functional neurogenetics at the Departments of Human Genetics & Neurology at Leiden University Medical Centre. Heading the migraine lab at Leiden University Medical Centre that is focussed on the identification of migraine genes and the characterisation of gene mutations in animal model systems. Van den Maagdenberg studied biology at the University of Nijmegen. After his PhD thesis on cardiovascular genetics and transgenic mouse mutants of apolipoprotein E in 1993, he continued his studies in the field of protein tyrosine phosphatases in human disease and moved to Leiden in 1998 to join the migraine research group there. He is full professor since 2011 and heads a research group devoted on the functional and molecular neurogenetics of migraine at the Leiden University Medical Centre and works closely with clinical colleagues that include Prof. Michel Ferrari and Dr. Gisela Terwindt. Dr. van den Maagdenberg has authored more than 190 peer-reviews publications. 


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