Ons team

Management Research Team

(Arts-)onderzoekers Neurologie

drs. Irene de Boer (arts-onderzoeker Neurologie)

  • Migraine & Genetics
  • Migraine-associated hereditary disorders, including RVCL-S

Drs. Roemer B. Brandt (arts-onderzoeker Neurologie)

  • Cluster Headache
  • Exploring new clinical treatments
  • Risk factors for cluster headache and role of risk seeking behaviour

drs. Aster V.E. Harder (arts-onderzoeker Neurologie)

  • Migraine & Biochemistry
  • Migraine & Genetics

drs. Thomas C. van den Hoek (arts-onderzoeker Neurologie)

  • Migraine
  • Electroencephalography (EEG), new preventative treatments for migraine, including anti-CGRP antibodies

drs. Iris E. Verhagen (arts-onderzoeker Neurologie)

  • Migraine & Sex hormones
  • Hormone-based treatment for female migraine patients

drs. Simone de Vries Lentsch (arts-onderzoeker Neurologie)

  • Migraine
  • New preventative drugs, including anti-CGRP (receptor) antibodies

drs. Bart K.T. Zick (arts-onderzoeker Neurologie)

  • Migraine & Stroke
  • Female-specific risk factors
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), non-invasive assessment of Endothelial (Dys)function
Wilms, AE (2021)

Drs. Annelise E. Wilms (Arts-onderzoeker Neurologie)

  • RVCL-S
  • Migraine-associated hereditary disorders
Spaink, HAJ (2021)

Hermes A.J. Spaink, MSc. (Onderzoeker Neurologie)

  • Predictive Modelling for Migraine using AI
  • Stroke: the Stroke Box

Neurologen in opleiding

Dr. Daphne S. van Casteren (Neuroloog in opleiding)

  • Migraine & Sex hormones
  • Hormone-targeted preventative treatments for migraine

Verpleegkundig Team