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Vahrmeijer Lab for Molecular-Targeted Precision Surgery 

The Molecular-Targeted Precision Surgery lab at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC), headed by Dr. Vahrmeijer focuses on safe and efficient clinical translation of fluorescence and image-guided surgery applications to improve personalized clinical practice and enhance patient outcome. 

Clinical introduction of Molecular-Targeted Precision Surgery applications

In a unique collaboration involving the LUMC, CHDR and national and international partners current research focuses on the introduction of image-guided surgery using clinically available probes and on the clinical introduction of novel tumor specific probes.

We deliver high quality image guided surgery applications with our partners to visualize tumors and critical structures. Combining our longstanding expertise in (pre-) clinical development and an efficient infrastructure, we offer an one-stop-shop approach for fast clinical translation which will improve surgical planning and radical surgical tumour resection. Dr. Vahrmeijer aims at disseminating this technique to collaborating hospitals all over the world. The Molecular-Targeted Precision Surgery group facilitates, stimulates and supports knowledge transfer and education.

Unmet medical needs in cancer treatment

  • Surgery is mainstay of treatment for most solid cancers
    • Completeness of surgery is an important prognostic factor for survival.
    • Prevention of positive margins and minimizing residual tumor after cytoreductive procedures will improve individual patient outcomes.
  • Intraoperative identification of tumor tissue is difficult.
    • Inspection and palpation not always sufficient.
  • Need for intraoperative modalities that can identify tumor tissue with high sensitivity and specificity.
  • Improvement intraoperative tumor detection by targeting tumor specific receptors.

Live images make the difference

Support our research

Cancer is a disease with a tremendous impact on the lives of patients and their families. And not only physically. The psychological burden from fear and uncertainty is enormous. That is why we are determined to further refine surgical precision with fluorescent image guided techniques. To further develop this smart technology and to make it available for the patients as soon as possible, we greatly appreciate any form of your support. For more information on donating, click here or visit the website of the Bontius Stichting.



Do you have questions on fluorescence-guided surgery? Do you want to learn more on results of our research? Contact Dr Vahrmeijer via a.l.vahrmeijer@lumc.n