Prof. dr. M.E. Numans, director, Medical Sciences



Head Department of Public Health and Primary Care LUMC


Prof. dr. Mattijs E Numans is Professor in General Practice and Head of the Department Public Health and Primary Care of the Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC) since 2013. He’s also a practising General Practitioner in a group practice of seven in Oog in Al, Utrecht since 1987. In his academic position with the Julius Center UMC Utrecht 1986-2013 he was one of the founders and the scientific coordinator the Utrecht Health Project (Leidsche Rijn Gezondheidsproject, LRGP) and the Julius General Practitioners’ Network (Julius Huisartsen Netwerk, JHN). His PhD was on “Open Access Gastroscopy”. Since 1992 he is involved in, and supervised various epidemiologic, diagnostic and prognostic studies in primary care, based on routine as well as dedicated healthcare data analysis. He’s involved in guideline development, CME, as well as in teaching and supervising bachelor and master medical students and vocational trainees in General Practice. He was attached to the New England Cochrane Center in Boston MA, USA, in 2001-2002. Since 2005 he has been a member of the board of the Dutch College of General Practitioners with Special Interests (CHBB). From Jan 2011 he is extraordinary Professor of Innovation and Quality of Academic Primary Care at the department of General Practice VUmc/EMGO Amsterdam. Currently he is an expert in research, quality management and teaching support with anonymously extracted routine (primary) healthcare data. His special methodological interest is in developing proactive population care for risk groups with diagnostic and prognostic studies and evaluating panel management strategies for various clinical domains in primary care (gastroenterology, cardiovascular, obesity, elderly, mental health care).  


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