Data infrastructure

The idea is to reuse anonimized routine care -, administrative - and context data, for the various interdisciplinary purposes of the research profile Health Prevention & the Human LifeCycle.

Since every Dutch citizen is enlisted with a general practitioner (GP) or primary healthcare centre and the GP has a well defined gate-keeper function in healthcare, in the Dutch context all health concerned individual information comes together in primary care. This is the reason we decided to begin with routine primary care data in building up our data infrastructure. In the Public Health / Primary Care oriented Extramural Leiden Academic Network (ELAN) datawarehouse, anonymized primary care are gathered for reuse in quality management, population health / panelmanagement feedback projects and research as well as for epidemiological survey and follow-up of cohorts (NEO, iScope, Ecstatic, Family Lab). With advanced analysis techniques data are improved for research and with help of a trusted third party data from other domains and disciplines are linked.

Our data infrastructure is currently being developed and integrated into the research profile area. It will be the platform under future projects. The perspective of such an infrastructure is reflected in the National Scientific Agenda 2016.  Within the National Scientific Agenda, the third 'research route' is directed on research in health care on the field of prevention and treatment.

This research route explicitly supports the use of modern technologies, reuse, analysis and feedback of routine care data and  eHealth applications. As a result, tailor made interventions targeted to specific risk groups will be developed and realised based on scientific evidence. On an individual as well as societal level, this will support personalization of health care and lead to increased proactive population health management strategies.

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