ELAN - information for researchers

If you want to do primary care research in the Leiden-Den Haag area (the northern part of the province of  South Holland), ELAN can link you to encrypted medical data in the ELAN-data warehouse, and help you make contact with the primary care physicians and their patients in the region.

ELAN will review research proposals before giving access. We look at quality, relevance and feasibility in the primary care setting, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Depending on the type of research, the scientific review committee of LUMC-PHEG and the LUMC's medical-ethical review committee (METC LDD) will also assess the research protocol.

ELAN categorizes research into 3 categories.  All requests can be made by creating a digital ticket request at elanresearch.nl.

1.         Research involving primary care physicians

If your research requires the experience or opinions of primary care physicians, ELAN can help you reach out to find interested GP's for focus groups, interviews, or to complete surveys. This type of research is normally not subject to WMO (Dutch law regarding Medical and Scientific Research) but will require a due diligence test from the  METC .

2.         Research involving patients

If you want to actively recruit patients from primary care physicians for a randomized controlled trial, intervention, or questionnaires, ELAN can help you approach GPs in the region to see if they would like to ask their patients to participant in your project.  This type of research may be subject to WMO (Dutch law regarding Medical and Scientific Research) which involves reviews by a scientific review committee and the  METC .

3.        Research involving medical data

Wanneer je gebruik wilt maken van de gepseudonimiseerde en gecodeerde medische patiĆ«nt gegevens in het ELAN-huisartsendata kun je hiervoor een aanvraag bij ons indienen. Ook als je deze gegevens wilt koppelen aan registratiegegevens uit andere bronnen. Dit onderzoek is meestal niet-WMO plichtig en volstaat een zorgvuldigheidstoets door de  METC .