Program 2018    

The invited speakers are:   

Prof.dr. George Coukos (Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research, Lausanne, Switzerland)  -  “Mobilising antitumor immunity: Lessons from ovarian cancer.”

Prof.dr. Jolanda de Vries (Department of Tumor Immunology, Radboudumc, Nijmegen, The Netherlands)   -  “Dendritic cell-based vaccination against cancer.”

Prof.dr. Alexander Eggermont ( Gustave Roussy, University of Paris-Sud)   -“Immunotherapy development in solid tumors: where do lessons from melanoma take us?”

Dr. Jurjen Tel (Department of Biomedical Engineering, Laboratory of Immunoengineering, Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands)  -  “Single cell analysis reveals functional heterogeneity within plasmacytoid dendritic cells and identifies environmental cues that drive type I IFN production.”