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To demonstrate the possibilities of DPS we have made a listing of three cases in Dutch and two in English with the possible chronological course of the case. This is a static overview of a student's performance during a case.

These case differ in time span and therefore in speed of action that is required from the student. Time can be sped up during a cases, but can never be put to a hold or put back. 

Electric shock (Dutch)
In this case a student is confronted with a victim of an electric shock, which has caused respiration- and heart failure. Through adequate treatment the life of the victim can be saved.
Time span: about 8 minutes. 

Acute aneurysm (Dutch)
In this case a student should treat a patient  that is suspected of a rupture of an aortic aneurysm as a first aid physician. The right examinations will prove the existance of a ruptured aneurysm and will force the student to perform the right operation. 
Time span: about 50 minutes.

Ileus (Dutch)
In this case the student is responsible for a patient that has undergone an abdominal operation the day before and is put on his ward. The patient suffers from an intestinal obstruction as a complication of the operation. The student should register the fluid balance and eventually re-operate the patient.
Time span: about 1 week.

Cholecystitis (English)
This case starts at the family physician where the student should come to the conclusion that the patient is suffering from cholecystitis and should be referred to hospital for operation.
Time span: about 3-5 days.

Dislocation (English)
This case is located at the first aid where the student is on call as a resident. Mrs van Poppel is a young lady that is suffering from a dislocated shoulder that should be repositioned.
Time span: several hours.