January 2001 a new project has started named Inter-faculty communication training through a virtual patient record. This project is a joint project of the LUMC, Leiden and the AMC, Amsterdam both in the Netherlands. The project goal is the development of patient simulations that facilitate communication training between students by the transfer of the patient care. This project is subsidized by SURF foundation through a Tender grand.

Mondriaan educational group

During 1999 and 2000 the DPS project group and the Mondriaan educational group have cooperatively developed seven first aid cases for nurses education. This project was subsidized by Senter. The cases are available on CD-ROM, distributed by ThiemeMeulenhoff.

Dutch and Belgium universities

All Dutch universities and several Belgium universities have followed a course in the production of DPS cases. The goal of this course is to spread the knowledge about and the use of DPS through the Dutch speaking countries. The amount of DPS cases will increase and also the use of the simulations in education.