Dr. F.J. Hes

Klinisch geneticus

Area(s) of interest


Frederik Hes is a clinical geneticist at the department of Clinical Genetics at the Leiden University Medical Center. His main interests are hereditary cancers, with focus on colorectal cancer syndromes and endocrine tumors. The research in which he is involved focuses on improving the identification and management of patients with tumor syndromes.


  • 2005-present
Clinical geneticist (hereditary cancer, genodermatoses)
  • 2001-2005   
Medical specialisation, clinical genetics
  • 2000-2001 
Medical specialisation, internal medicine
  • 1996-2000
Thesis Utrecht University: Von Hippel-Lindau disease
  • 1996-1998  
Forensic doctor
  • 1995  
National service at the cavalry, officer-physician
  • 1994  
Neurology internship Aberdeen, Scotland
  • 1993     
Gynaecology internship Harare, Zimbabwe
  • 1992   
Internal medicine internship Jaipur, India


Honors and awards

  • Familial colorectal polyposis, genetic and genomic profiling to identify the predisposing genes, KWF-UL-2010-4656
  • Unravelling genetic susceptibility for colorectal cancer via patients with adenomas, AICR Grant - 10-0619 
  • Identification of breast cancer risk in MUTYH gene germline mutation carriers, KWF-UL-2006-3601
  • Mosaic APC mutations:  an underestimated cause of polyposis coli?  Van de Kamp Fund 2006 
  • Cancer risk in MUTYH germline mutation carriers. JanIvo Foundation 2004.128
  • Identification of carriers of MUTYH germline mutations; consequences for prevention and clinical management, MLDS-MWO 2003-55

Other activities

  • 2010

Chairman of the Dutch Cancer Genetics Group (WKO)

  • 2010 

Editor (with Prof. H. Vasen): Dutch guidelines on diagnosis and management of hereditary tumors

  • 2010 

Medical advisor for the Dutch Polyposis contact group

  • 2009

Board of the Dutch Genetic Counsellors meeting (LOG)

  • 2007

Consortium on MUTYH associated polyposis with, among others, the groups of Prof. Sampson in Cardiff, and Dr. Aretz in Bonn. Together we built up and published on the biggest series of MAP patients worldwide.

  • 2006

Member of European expert group in hereditary gastrointestinal cancer aiming to establish evidence-based guidelines for the clinical management of CRC syndromes. The group consist of 33 experts from 9 countries and has an annual research meeting (www.mallorca-group.eu).

  • 2006

Initiation of international central MUTYH mutation database.

  • 2006

LUMC representative in Parelsnoer initiative Hereditary CRC (www.parelsnoer.org)

  • 2005

Member of the Gastroenterology working group of Cancer Centre West (IKW)

  • 2004 

Chairman of the multidisciplinary LUMC working group on hereditary colorectal tumors (WED)

  • 1996

Board for the Dutch VHL working group

  • 1996
Medical advisor and editor for the Von Hippel-Lindau (VHL) patient support group (www.vhl.nfk.nl)

Selected publications

1. Nielsen M, van Steenbergen LN, Jones N, Vogt S, Vasen HF, Morreau H, Aretz S, Sampson JR, Dekkers OM, Janssen-Heijnen ML, Hes FJ. Survival of MUTYH-associated polyposis patients with colorectal cancer and matched control colorectal cancer patients. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2010 Nov 17;102(22):1724-30. (IF 14.0)

2. Out AA, Tops CM, Nielsen M, Weiss MM, van Minderhout IJ, Fokkema IF, Buisine MP, Claes K, Colas C, Fodde R, Fostira F, Franken PF, Gaustadnes M, Heinimann K, Hodgson SV, Hogervorst FB, Holinski-Feder E, Lagerstedt-Robinson K, Olschwang S, van den Ouweland AM, Redeker EJ, Scott RJ, Vankeirsbilck B, Grønlund RV, Wijnen JT, Wikman FP, Aretz S, Sampson JR, Devilee P, den Dunnen JT, Hes FJ. Leiden Open Variation Database of the MUTYH gene. Hum Mutat. 2010 Nov;31(11):1205-15. (IF 6.9)

3. MUTYH-associated polyposis (MAP). Nielsen M, Morreau H, Vasen HF, Hes FJ. Crit Rev Oncol Hematol. 2010 Jul 19. (IF 5.0)

4. Out AA, van Minderhout IJ, Goeman JJ, Ariyurek Y, Ariyurek Y, Ossowski S, Schneeberger K, Weigel D, van Galen M, Taschner PE, Tops CM, Breuning MH, van Ommen GJ, den Dunnen JT, Devilee D, Hes FJ. Deep-sequencing to reveal new variants in pooled DNA samples. Hum Mut. Sep 4 2009 (IF 6.9)

5. Vogt S, Jones N, Christian D, Engel C, Nielsen M, Kaufmann A, Steinke V,  Vasen HF, Propping P, Sampson JR, Hes FJ, Aretz S. Expanded extracolonic tumor spectrum in MUTYH-associated polyposis. Gastroenterology 2009 Sep1. (IF12.5)

6. Tops CM, Wijnen JT, Hes FJ. Introduction to molecular and clinical genetics of colorectal cancer syndromes. Best Pract Res Clin Gastroenterol. 2009;23(2):127-46. (IF 3.1)

7. Jones N, Vogt S, Nielsen M, Christian D, Wark PA, Eccles D, Edwards E, Evans DG, Maher ER, Vasen HF, Hes FJ, Aretz S, Sampson JR. Increased colorectal cancer incidence in obligate carriers of heterozygous mutations in MUTYH. Gastroenterology. 2009 Aug;137(2):489-94. (IF 12.5)

8. Nielsen M, Joerink-van de Beld MC, Jones N, Vogt S, Tops CM, Vasen HF, Sampson JR, Aretz S, Hes FJ. Analysis of MUTYH genotypes and colorectal phenotypes in patients With MUTYH-associated polyposis. Gastroenterology. 2009 Feb;136(2):471-6. (IF 12.5)

9. Wijnen JT, Brohet RM, van Eijk R, Jagmohan-Changur S, Middeldorp A, Tops CM, van Puijenbroek M, Ausems MG, Gómez García E, Hes FJ, Hoogerbrugge N, Menko FH, van Os TA, Sijmons RH, Verhoef S, Wagner A, Nagengast FM, Kleibeuker JH, Devilee P, Morreau H, Goldgar D, Tomlinson IP, Houlston RS, van Wezel T, Vasen HF. Chromosome 8q23.3 and 11q23.1 variants modify colorectal cancer risk in lynch syndrome. Gastroenterology 2009;136:131-137. (IF 12.5).

10. Hes FJ, Nielsen M, Bik EC, Konvalinka D, Wijnen JT, Bakker E, Vasen HF, Breuning MH, Tops CM. Somatic APC mosaicism: an underestimated cause of polyposis coli. Gut 2008;57:71-76. (IF 10.0)


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