Cognitive Ergonomics
We apply (neuro-)cognitive psychological insights to optimize human interaction with technology and the occupational demands. How can human errors in industry, aviation, traffic, law enforcement and healthcare be minimized through design, guidelines, and management? What are the design requirements for intuitive and efficient use of internet, computer software and technical equipment? These themes are investigated in collaboration with industrial and societal partners.

PIs: Simone Akerboom, Guido Band, Jop Groeneweg, Pascal Haazebroek, Patrick Hudson, Fenna Poletiek, William Verschuur

Cognitive Enhancement
We investigate how the potential for accomplishments in cognition, creativity and sports can be optimized across the life span. Some of the studied techniques target mental and physical fitness through nutrition, life style, medication and sports. Others involve neuro-cognitive training such as mnemonics, mindfulness meditation, neurofeedback and game training. Finally, technical extensions supporting human performance are evaluated, including the use of external memory, organizers and brain-computer interface. The acquired knowledge is applicable for occupational purposes, but also for education and care for older adults.

PIs: Simone Akerboom, Guido Band, Lorenza Colzato, Pascal Haazebroek, Bernhard Hommel, Sander Nieuwenhuis