Brain Imaging (F)MRI

Department of Radiology of the Leiden University Medical Center

C.J.Gorter Center for High-field MRI

  • One 1.5Tesla systems 3tesla
  • One 3Tesla system: The 3T Philips MR scanner at the department of radiology is currently fully equipped with all necessary facilities to perform (F)MRI studies for cognitive neuroscience purposes. This includes a computer to generate visual and auditory stimuli and to record participants’ responses, a beamer to project visual stimuli in the MR room, an MR-compatible headphone for auditory stimulation, a screen to display visual stimuli, and 5-button response boxes for the registration of manual responses. Stimulus presentation is done using the E-prime experimental control software.
  • One 7Tesla scanner: The 7 tesla body scanner is stuated in a special building because of the strong magnetic field. behuizing tesla 




  •  One dummy scanner: dummy For some MRI projects, it is helpful to have a dummy scanner available. In this dummy scanner, participants can get used to the MR environment before the actual MR scan is performed. This is obligatory for FMRI studies in young children.



  •  MRI data analysis: A linux computer system is available for processing FMRI data. Currently, this system consists of separate computers for data analysis. In the near future, this will be Data analysisupgraded to a cluster system to increase computing power and make it work more efficiently. This system is easily accessible for all LIBC researchers in the different faculties for analysis of imaging data. The main software packages for MR data analysis on this system are FMRIB Software Library (FSL) and Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM). The computer system is located and maintained at the department of radiology of LUMC.