Research Support Desk

The Research Support Desk (RSD) provides a central spot within the LUMC where researchers can have access to knowledge and support. The aim of the RSD is to utilize and bring together the expertise that is present within the LUMC and to bring researchers easily into contact with the right experts. LUMC researchers can contact the RSD with all questions concerning research. Whether these are questions about writing a proposal, arranging resources or conducting research; regardless of whether the questions concern technical, procedural, methodological, or regulatory issues.

The coordination of the LUMC Research Support Desk is in the hands of the Advanced Data Management section of the Biomedical Data Sciences department. In addition, the individual sections of the Biomedical Data Sciences department are involved in the RSD as  centers of expertise.

LUMC employees can find additional information about the Research Support Desk on the Albinusnet. Are you a non-LUMC contact and would you like to know more about the RSD? Then you can reach us via