Lipid metabolism

In the general population a large difference in serum levels of lipid parameters (e.g. apolipoproteins and cholesterol) exist which are determined for a large extent by heritable factors and associated to the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


The research aims are at the identification of genes that contribute to the quantitative variation in lipid levels (Quantitative Trait Loci, QTLs) and will be performed in twins from Dutch, Swedish and Australian registers, in patients with cardiovascular diseases, and in a population-based cohort in which the same parameters have been measured. The genetic research concerns a genome wide scan in the twin populations and a more specific candidate gene association approach for subjects of the cohort.

Scientific collaborations

The research is performed in close collaboration with the Department of Biological Psychology of the Free University Medical Center (VUMC), Queensland Institute Medical Centre, the Karolinska Institute and the RIVM and financially supported by Hartstichting and the National Institutes of Health.

Contact: Bas Heijmans.