List of former master students

Master students of the Statistical Science for the Life & Behavioural Sciences, unless otherwise specified.


Thesis title



Katerina BakuninaCausal inference on chemotherapy modificationsMarta Fiocco, Carlo Lancia December 2016
Jolien de HaasUsing the marginal structural model for finding the best moment to treat (MSc Applied Mathematics, Delft University) Saskia le Cessie, Hein Putter, Geurt Jongbloed.November 2016
Frank W.N. Boesten (cum laude)Estimation of heterogeneity between hospitals by using a gamma frailty process (MSc Mathematics) Marta Fiocco, Hein Putter July 2016 
Nicola Spreghini Performance indicators for survival outcomes: an application to Dutch hospitals (University of Padova Italy) Marta Fiocco January 2016
Shane Colm O Meachair Measuring Hospital Performance: Modelling and Visualising Bivariate Outcomes Marta FioccoJanuary 2016
Anja Juana Rütten-BuddeInvestigating hospital heterogeneity with a competing risks frailty model Marta Fiocco, Hein Putter December 2015 
Sofia Tsouprou Measures of discrimination and predictive accuracy for interval censored survival dataHein PutterDecember 2015 
Irene Zanellato Accuracy of classification methods for performance indicatorsMarta Fiocco October 2015 
Giulia Manzini Advantage of a Multi-State approach in surgical research: How intermediate events affect the prognosis of a patient with locally advanced rectal cancer (University of Heidelberg, Germany) Liesbeth de Wreede October 2015 
Monique van der Kruijk Multiple imputation with chained equations Hein Putter July 2015 
Vinnie KoState-split approach for an extra time scale in multi-state models (MSc Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences, University of Utrecht)Hein PutterMay 2015

Floor M. van Oudenhoven (MSc cum laude)

Statistical methodology for volume-outcome studies

Marta Fiocco

November 2014

Xinru Li (MSc cum laude)

Estimation for Non-Markov Multi-states Models

Marta Fiocco

October 2014

Sanne Willems (MSc cum laude)

Inverse Probability Censoring Weights
for Routine Outcome Monitoring Data

Marta Fiocco

June 2014

Razieh Taghavi

Individual Patient Data Meta-Analysis of

Time-to-Event Outcomes: An Application of a Poisson-Gamma-Frailty Model

Marta Fiocco

May 2014

Edwin Thoen (MSc cum laude)

Piecewise constant models for ICU infection problems

Hein Putter

October 2013

Teddy Balan (MSc cum laude)

Joint Modeling  of Recurrent and Terminal Events

Hein Putter

September 2013

Alice Baccino

Alternative ways of estimating missing
time to complete remission for AML patients
(University of Padova Italy)

Marta Fiocco

April 2013

Alexander Snijders

Casemix Corrections and Hospital Comparisons: Empirical Bayes Methods for Hospital-Specific

Characteristics for the Surgical Treatment of Colectoral Cancer (University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB))

Marta Fiocco

November 2012