Farewell symposium prof. dr. Ronald Brand, October 6th 2017

At the Interface of Data Management and Biostatistics: Observed and Expected advances in Medical Care and Research in the year 2017 (+ -30 years)  


Welcome by the Chair of the Symposium

Ewout Steyerberg: Professor of biostatistics, Head of the department of Medical Statistics and Bio Informatics


Opening lecture: Facts and Values,  is there a real problem?

Heleen Dupuis: Professor emeritus of medical ethics, LUMC


Documentation (possibly in real time): the basis for understanding and improving

Andrea Bacigalupo: Professor of hematology Policlinico Gemelli, Catholic University, Rome and former President of the European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation


Mathematical EBM Science versus "Medical Based" Evidence

Wilco Peul: Professor of neurosurgery, Head of the Department of Neurosurgery, LUMC


Health care data: into a new era?

Rob Tollenaar: Professor of surgical oncology, Head of the department of Surgery, LUMC; Cofounder and Chair of the Dutch Institute for Clinical Auditing (DICA)




Standardized research models for multicenter biobanking, the Parelsnoer Institute experience

Gerhard Zielhuis: Professor of epidemiology, Radboud University Medical Center and director of the Dutch “Parelsnoer Institute”


POPS 1983: from 1980 to 2020

Pauline Verloove: Professor emeritus of child health


The use of advanced data management and statistics within perinatology: unconditional for transparency, conditional for better birth care

Ger de Winter: Director of the Dutch PERINED foundation


Trauma, the silent epidemic

Loek Leenen: Professor of traumatology, Utrecht University Medical Center and Head of the scientific committee of the Dutch national trauma registry (LTR)


Closing lecture: data and governance, how do they relate

Ferry Breedveld: Professor emeritus of rheumatology and former Chief Executive Officer of the LUMC




Farewell lecture: Guardian angel and devil's advocate: the Janus face of consultation in biostatistics and data management

Ronald Brand: Biostatistician, professor of Good Research Data Management on behalf of the European Blood and Marrow Transplantation Group and Head of the section Advanced Data Management of the department of Medical Statistics, BioInformatics and Molecular Epidemiology



The symposium “At the interface of data management and biostatistics: observed and expected advances in medical care and research in the year 2017 (+ -30 years)” aims to show how data management and medical statistics, intrinsically wired together in the science (art?) of statistical consultation, have contributed to the advance of clinical knowledge and quality of care over the past decades and how data management and statistics may continue to support these goals in the future. 

At the heart of statistical consultation (support; collaboration) and data management lies the notion of cooperation between disciplines, mutual respect for each other’s knowledge and expertise and the scientific, open minded attitude towards progress through generalization, application of scientific principles and integration of both knowledge and intuition of all disciplines involved. This makes being a biostatistical consultant such a rewarding and joyful profession.

For this symposium we have asked experienced clinical experts to provide their honest perception of the role biostatistics and data management (together) have played and will play in their respective fields of expertise. The spectrum of the symposium covers ethics, politics, bone marrow transplants, neurosurgery, oncological surgery, quality comparison, perinatology, neonatology, trauma surgery, bio banking and academic governance.

We hope this symposium will be of interest to all involved or interested in clinical research and the way this research is interwoven with ethics and governance. Although most presentations will be in Dutch, the slides will be in English.

After the symposium Ronald Brand, a biostatistician who has made data management an intrinsic part of his approach to data analysis and interpretation, will give his view on the topic of the symposium. He will give his farewell lecture as a professor of Good Research Data Management and biostatistician, looking back at 37 years of data interpretation.

Please save the date of October 6th if you are interested in attending this symposium (of course free of charge).

 Klik hier  voor een download van de farewell lecture van Ronald Brand.