Meta-analysis is the systematic and quantitative review of the results of a set of individual medical studies all concerning the same or a closely related research question, intended to integrate their findings. It was introduced in the medical field in the early eighties. Since then, the number of meta-analyses yearly reported in the medical literature has grown very rapidly to more thousands per year nowadays. Meta-analysis, by summarizing the evidence in the medical literature for the efficacy of treatments, plays a dominant role in evidence-based medicine. Since most meta-analyses use summary data extracted from publications, special statistical methods are needed. Particularly modelling the heterogeneity between the results from different studies is a challenge. Therefore statistical meta-analysis methods are closely related to mixed effects models.


The section Medical Statistics has been involved in a large number of meta-analyses conducted by other LUMC departments.  Staff members of Medical Statistics are open for collaboration or advise on statistical methods for meta-analysis.  Contact person is Lies de Kler.


The statistical research focusses on

  • Diagnostic meta-analyses
  • Rare events meta-analysis
  • Meta-analysis of survival curves
  • Multivariate meta-analysis
  • Meta-analysis of genetic data

Selected publications

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