dr. W.B. (Wilbert) van den Hout



Personal statements

• Cost-effectiveness is about balancing the need for health care with the wish to reduce health care premiums.

• Economic appraisal requires a generic framework to measure the value of patient outcome. Quality-adjusted life years (QALYs) are not perfect, but they are the best we have.

• Access to healthcare should not be based on patients' individual economic characteristics. Therefore, cost-effectiveness analyses should not perform subgroup analyses for patients with and without paid labour.

• In health care policy, it is unethical to disregard costs.

• Ageing is not the cause of increasing health care costs.

• Prevention is better than cure, but it is rarely less expensive.

• Cost savings are easier promised than proven.


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Health Economist & Econometrician
Department of Medical Decision Making & Quality of Care
Leiden University Medical Center

Wilbert van den Hout graduated in econometrics and in acutarial sciences at the University of Amsterdam. He obtained his PhD in operations research at the University of Tilburg, for research on the analysis of Markovian queuing systems. Since then he has been working as a senior researcher in Health Technology Assessment, at the department of Medical Decision Making & Quality of Care of the Leiden University Medical Center. The main focus of his work is on conducting and supervising economic evaluations, either alongside clinical trials or using mathematical models. His theoretical research deals with methodological aspects of measuring the value of health and on disease modelling. 


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