prof. dr. R. Brand

Emeritus hoogleraar


  • biostatistics, in particular survival analysis, clinical trials, observational studies
  • data management, in particular the design, implementation and maintenance of secure clinical data management infrastructures


I have been working since 1980 until my retirement in 2017 as a biostatistician at the Dpt of Medical Statistics, concentrating on consultation and teaching, while participating in LUMC, national and international research projects covering methodological, biostatistical and data management aspects. I have been a member of the Medical Ethical Committee of the LUMC for 20 years.

As the head of the section "Advanced Data Management" (my Chair is Good Research Data Management) I was working on the integration of biostatistics and data management. Our generic Internet-based data management system "ProMISe" (Project Manager Internet Server) currently supports over 200 (inter)national observational and experimental studies and is used in all hospitals in the Netherlands and over 600 hospitals throughout Europe covering a wide variety of clinical research topics. We also focus on privacy aspects of data management and the development and integration of encryption/decryption software.