dr. B. (Bart) Mertens



  • statistical methods for high-dimensional omics (proteomics, metabolomics, lipidomics)
  • prediction with missing values
  • bayesian statistics


PhD - Statistical Sciences - Department of Statistics, University College London (UK) 

MSc - Biostatistics - Diepenbeek Center for Statistics (Belgium)  

Licentiate - Maths - Univ. Leuven (Belgium)  


My two main research interests at the moment are: 

  • development of statistical methods for diagnosis and prediction in mass spectroscopy proteomics, metabolomics  
  • prediction in the presence of missing data

General research interest in Bayesian methods, classification and discriminant analysis, prediction, diagnosis and (cross-) validatory analysis,  missing values 


I am currently teaching the below 3 courses.

Clinical Research in Practice Currently teaching the course Clinical Research in Practice for fourth year (Masters) students in Biomedical Science. The course focuses on logistic regression and survival analysis in a strong interdisciplinary context (joint with Dep. Epidemiology and Medical Information Science).

Bayesian Statistics Introduction to Bayesian statistics for MSc students in statistical sciences

Regression Analysis Introduction for PhD students



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E-mail: B.Mertens@lumc.nl