Prof.dr. A.M. (Anne) Stiggelbout

Professor Medical Decision Making

Area(s) of interest

  • Medical Decision Making
  • Patient Preferences
  • Shared Decision Making
  • Risk Perception and Risk Communication
  • Clinimetrics
  • Psychometrics


  • Chair LUMC research profile area ‘Health Innovation and Quality of Care”
  • Member NFU-Faculty Executive Master Quality and Safety of Patient Care
  • Vice-Chair Committee Development and Implementation (Scientific Council) Dutch Cancer Society 
  • Member Steering Committee Value-Based Health Care LUMC
  • Member “Vaste Commissie voor Wetenschapsbeoefening (VCW)” LUMC

Prof. Stiggelbout’s research focuses on two major themes. The first concerns individual patient decision making, broadly speaking the role of the patient and of his/her preferences in medical decision making. This research involves doctor-patient communication, with emphasis on risk communication, as a constituent of shared decision making. The research is both methods-focuses and implementation-focused. Further, normative and ethical aspects of medical decision making are topic of this line of research. The second theme concerns the incorporation of quality of life and preferences in meso- and macro-level decision making. This theme concerns mostly research on methods to assess quality of life and health state preferences/utilities, e.g. in cost-effectiveness analysis and health technology assessment. All of the above, as well as clinimetrics are a major part of Prof. Stiggelbout’s consultations for clinical departments of the LUMC.


International peer-reviewed: Google scholar


Dr. Stiggelbout's teaches various courses in the Medical Curriculum of the Leiden University, as well as courses in Continuing Medical Education nationally. Topics involve e.g. quality of life research, preference assessment, shared decision-making and risk communication.

Recent Grants

  • Stiggelbout AM, Pieterse AH. Communicatie bij samen beslissen in de spreekkamer: welke strategie helpt (en bij welke patienten)? (ZonMw Kwaliteit van Zorg 80-83900-98-704 2017-18) - € 95K 
  • Pieterse AH, Stiggelbout AM Toegerust-zijn voor Samen Beslissen: Wat heeft een patiënt nodig om deel te nemen aan een gedeeld besluitvormingsproces? (ZonMw Kwaliteit van Zorg 80-83900-98-703) – € 84K
  • Bloem BR, Heskes T, Stiggelbout AM. Big data for personalized medicine (ZonMw TOP Grant 40-00812-98-15076 2016-2021) - € 652K
  • Smets EMA, Aalfs CM, Stiggelbout AM. Next Generation Sequencing for cancer: making decisions in uncertainty (Dutch Cancer Society UVA 2015-6707) – € 359K
  • Pieterse AH, Stiggelbout AM, Portielje JEA. Clinicians’ choice awareness in cancer treatment: A qualitative analysis of clinical practice guidelines and  clinicians’ selection of options (Dutch Cancer Society UL 2015-7615) – € 200K
  • Pieterse AH, Stiggelbout AM, Van der Weijden T. Developing and validating measures for Shared Decision Making in Oncology (Dutch Cancer Society UL 2013-6108) –€ 477.000


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Room J10-81

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