About us

The Department of Anatomy and Embryology is housed in building 2 adjacent to the main hospital, building 1 of the Leiden University Medical Center. Head of the Department is Professor Christine Mummery, specialized in stem cell research and differentiation to the cardiovascular lineage. Professor Marco de Ruiter is responsible for teaching and research in Clinical Anatomy with e-learning as special focus.

The department has two main activities:

  • Teaching gross anatomy and embryology to medical students and providing specific courses to postgraduate and postdoctoral medical specialists in training.
  • Research on development and function of the normal and abnormal cardiovascular system and mechanisms underlying pluripotency in germ cells. Mouse, chicken and stem cells are used as experimental model systems and where appropriate, results are extrapolated to human development and disease.

In addition, with the Department of Molecular cell Biology, the department is responsible for the human induced pluripotent cell (hiPSC) core facility of the LUMC.