Dr. Richard P. Davis

Group Leader



Richard is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anatomy & Embryology at the Leiden University Medical Center where he leads a research team that uses human pluripotent stem cells to study cardiac development and genetic cardiac diseases. He obtained his PhD from Monash University (Melbourne, Australia) during which he developed strategies to perform targeted genetic modification of human embryonic stem cells, as well as robust differentiationprotocols towards mesodermal cell types. This was followed by postdoctoral training in the group of Professor Christine Mummery where he has applied this techniques to cardiac cell types. The main focus of his work is to use PSCs to model cardiovascular diseases for potential clinical applications, particularly in terms of risk stratification and drug sensitivities. Through gene editing, panels of isogenic PSC lines can be created that differ only at particular genetic sites. These models can then be used to predict the pathogenicity of individual genetic variants and learn more about the mechanism underlying the disease phenotype. Ultimately, this knowledge will help improve individual risk stratification and patient-specific pharmacotherapy. The work in Richard’s group is supported by an ERC Starter’s Grant and a NWO VIDI fellowship.


Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum
Gebouw 2

Einthovenweg 20
2333 ZC Leiden

Postbus 9600
2300 RC Leiden

E-mail: r.p.davis@lumc.nl