Education and Study programmes

Clinical Anatomy

The clinical anatomy division within the department of Anatomy is responsible for the education in gross and microscopic anatomy as well as embryology of students in Medicine and in Biomedical Sciences. Particular courses are given to medical specialists in training, and postacademic programmes are available for medical specilaists. We also develop advanced web-based anatomical e-learning programs, collectively presented under the acronym CASK (Clinical Anatomical Skills).

We support and collaborate with the clinic concerning anatomical research questions. For specific research questions you can contact one of our clinical anatomists (see the list below). 

In order to get approval for conducting clinical research within our department, you should first send a research proposal to Prof Dr M.C. DeRuiter.   

Clinical anatomists:

Dr EAJF Lakke

Head / Neck anatomy
Dr RGE Notenboom

Thorax anatomy
Dr MRM Jongbloed

Abdomen anatomy
Drs OP Gobée

Pelvis anatomy
Prof Dr MC DeRuiter

Locomotor apparatus
Prof Dr MC DeRuiter

Microscopy, Embryology / Developmental biologyDr BP Hierck