"Stamcelonderzoek heeft tot grote nieuwe inzichten geleid"

Lees het blog van hoogleraar Ontwikkelingsbiologie Christine Mummery.

New regulator for human life expectancy discovered

"People with this DNA variant have a 10% higher chance of reaching the age of 90 years," explains prof. Eline Slagboom.

"Waar ik als reumatoloog van droomde"

Blog over eHealth van professor Ferry Breedveld, bestuursvoorzitter LUMC

Met patiŽnten zoeken naar beste behandeling

"Ervaringsdeskundigen komen soms met dingen die wij als onderzoekers over het hoofd gezien hebbenĒ, aldus prof. Thea Vliet Vlieland, hoogleraar revalidatie.

Cure Products Costs

Patient reviews invoice on cure product costs for treatment at the LUMC

The diagnosis and additional care together are a cure product with its own rate. This 'diagnosis-treatment combination' winds up in a single package on your hospital bill. Learn more about cure product costs.

Translational Neuroscience

Researcher with microscope

Within the Medical Research Profile 'Translational Neuroscience', innovative multidisciplinary research is performed on a number of severe disorders of the brain, nerves and muscles.

Biomedical Sciences and Medicine

Medicine students attend a class at the LUMC.

The LUMC facilitates the bachelor's and master's programs Biomedical Sciences and Medicine. As a student you focus on how to treat or prevent disease.

Are you a future contributor to us?

Onderzoeker in laboratorium

The LUMC is constantly working on the development of high-quality medical care. Your contribution helps us make this possible, for example, by supporting research on new methods of treatment.